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Please fill in the fields: type of remote control / device; manufacturer, and equipment type.
You can write incomplete name (e.g. digits only). Not all the fields need to be filled in.

For example:
- for SONY RM635 remote control you can enter type of remote control / device: 635 and manufacturer: SONY.

Please remember that giving more information will have a positive impact on matching correctness.

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The show remote miniatures button allows you to display the miniatures of the remotes, which brand and type of equipment have been determined in the relevant fields. Click on a miniature to display full information about the original remote control.
NOTE ! The button will work if you fill the manufacturer field. In this case you cannot write an incomplete name of the manufacturer (you can find the complete names in additional information).

The extended mode button allows you to add model and chassis parameters to your searching criteria. The extended mode is recommended for advanced users.

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